Friday, March 14, 2014

Call with Android devices over Bluetooth and Wifi

Nowadays with technology and smartphones, we only have to join them and we got amazing tools, can you imagine riding a bike with your friends and be talking with them with your smartphone, why not to use the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to communicate with your friends? This idea is applicable to Sports (ski, cycling, hiking, climbing), you have communications (up to 100 meters / 238 feet) is also perfect for noisy environments (construction, concerts, etc.). You can do it without spend money! Well, you can do it with Intercom app; there are two scenarios for this application, based on the wireless technology, how? To use the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi technologies. On the Bluetooth option devices have to select the other devices to connect to. For Wi-Fi scenario is more similar to a two-way radio channel where the BSSID replaces the radio channel and broadcast Wi-Fi packets are more appropriate for one-to-many communications than many one-to-one. Both modes show the audio recording level users can adjust the sensitivity of the microphones connected to the device. The application can be downloaded free of charge at Google Play store. Check this out!

Free Download: Android Intercom 

Most shocking second a day video

Monday, March 10, 2014

InstantBird 1.5 - All IM with a single application

Nowadays is possible to find different Instant messaging applications over the internet, but to use each one of them, you need always jumping from one to another one (instant messaging tool); it will be good if you could have all applications in only one, but today it’s possible to have all that with Instantbird! Instantbird is a super IM tool, it allows you to have in an unique interface, several IM services, all them customizable, on it you have, AOL Instant Messenger, old MSN, Yahoo,Talk, Twitter, Facebook Chat, XMPP,IRC, ICQ and more! Instantbird was built to be a stable application, safety, simple and without advertisements. It comes with multiple-account support, allowing all users to log more than one account at a time, it’s possible to change styles, fonts, avatars and more! Check it out right now!

Free Download: Instantbird 1.5

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Monotony 1.4.3 - New Mac feeds application

Internet is a huge source of information and knowledge; is there that we get news from our favorite websites, but there is another way to receive the latest news, through feeds RSS, (a kind of information flow). With the finish of Google Reader, that many users were using, come the necessity to search other alternatives. So, for those Mac users that need to receive the latest news from websites, there is the Monotony! This free application is a tiny app for Mac computers which can checks RSS feeds and lets you know when something new is up. It’s easy to setup and use, it’s very easy to subscribe to RSS feeds, and it updates feeds with alerts in OS X’s Notification Center. Monotony runs in the Mac’s Menubar or in an invisibly way in the background, but still visible with notifications. Well, this could be a fantastic feed tool, check it out!

Free Download: Monotony 1.4.3

Website: Monotony

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Your favorite bookmarks in a cloud

As you know is very easy to get lost in the internet, there are so many websites and links that we like to save them in our favorite section, that is simple to get lost through them. We know that browsers have the functionality to store those websites or links, but sometimes is very difficult to have an easy access to all those favorite websites. So, to simplify it, has come the service; this is a service that allows us to store our favorite websites and use them in any place, it works like a cloud, it works on any device and in any browser. So, here was one that was so much simpler than everything else, it’s absolutely worth trying. Check it out!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Battery Doctor - free Android tool

For the last years Smartphones have replaced mobile phones! The possibility to receive and make phone calls, smartphones have more functionalities that simplify the day of each user. Now smartphones are much more powerful devices than “normal” mobile phones and require a lot of power to run. So, knowing more about your Smartphone battery, how it works and how you can improve its efficiency, can be very useful, so, to get that you can use an interesting free tool for your smartphone called Battery Doctor! I think this is the most complete application for Android devices! The application shows the remaining time, battery’s running time, been possible to do important adjustments of wireless, GPS, ring volume, brightness and more! Clicking in the letter “I” located in the right upper corner of the application we can see some information about current temperature, health, voltage, amperage, current-max capacity, technology and more!
Check this out!

Free Download: Battery Doctor (2,5 MB) - Android 2.1+

Create collage wallpapers

Hello guys! The weekend is here! Great!
Well, today I found an interesting online tool! This online tool is very useful, with this tool you can create your own wallpapers! I’m talking about Photovisi! It works trough a browser application, it allows you to generate collages from your favorite pictures as wallpapers in a faster way and you don’t need to install any additional application! In five simple steps you can make photos/wallpapers collages!

Website: Photovisi
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