Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New way to fly

Aeroscraft is an aircraft that derives its lift partially from lifting gas (helium) and partially from dynamics created by the shape of the body. Aeros has designed a craft that takes advantage of both methods of lift. This design approach has resulted in the evolution of a craft that can fly further, operate more economically, and lift more than any other craft in its class. The Aeroscraft has been designed to fill the very widest range of missions and conditions.

Characterized by its oversized payload bay, the Aeroscraft is a natural configuration to be adapted to luxury tour travel, allowing an unordinary space allotment to each passenger. For the same reason the craft can easily be adapted to a cost effective low density cargo or perishable goods hauler. The Aeroscraft combines the positive qualities of an aircraft, rotorcraft and airship in one unique package with speed, volume and vertical take off and landing capabilities. This all weather craft will fly in extreme climate conditions from the Artic to the Desert. The Aeroscraft can operate autonomously without the ground based infrastructure.
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