Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Ride, Leonardo da Vinci Bike

The Ride the first bike to use the revolutionary gearless NuVinci Continuously Variable Planetary (CVP) drive.
With the NuVinci CVP, you’ll never miss a gear because there are no gears to miss. Instead, a set of spheres rotate around a central point to transfer torque from the pedals to the road. Tilting the spheres changes their contact diameters, permitting an infinite progression of speed ratios within its range. The result is that you’re always pedaling at just the right speed. You can adjust the ratios continuously as the terrain changes. In motion or standing still. It’s as easy as adjusting the volume on a radio. So forget complicated, noisy internal hubs, hard-to-maintain derailleur systems, dropped chains, missed gears, and jolts to your knees and lower back.

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