Monday, April 30, 2007

Blogging for Money

I’m always searching through the internet new programs for blog for money, and last Sunday I found another program, Smorty, is another service where you can advertise on blogs, so, bloggers get paid to write posts and advertisers gets most exposures from around the world, I think this will be the future for the advertisers. Signing up with Smorty is very simple, they will approve your blog within 72 hours, if your blog meets all the requirements. My blog was approved within 24 hours, was great, I didn’t expect, was so faster! Another thing, you will have about 72 hours to think about what you want to write or to know better the product or the company. This is great, because I like to know better the product before write about it. Also you can see the quantities of offers are available, allowing bloggers to choose which offer to take first. So, sign up now and get paid for blogging!


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