Saturday, April 28, 2007

UK Website put available 100.000 names of Barbados slaves

The UK Website,, put available 100,000 names of Barbados slaves registered in 1834 in that colony.

By December the site will contain the names of three million slaves from 700 registers in 23 British colonies, from South Africa to Sri Lanka between the year1812-1834.

Members of the site can search free for ancestors by entering their relatives' first and last names and place of enslavement during that period.

Slavery was eradicated in Britain in 1807 but continued in the colonies until 1834 and records were kept of registered slaves every three years, starting in 1812.

Today, people all over the world are the descendents of these slaves and efforts
to trace their slave ancestors are being expedited by the increase in historical
records available online, the growing popularity of black family history and the
overcoming of research obstacles specific to black history.

Today, two percent of Britain's population of around 60 million is black and the majority have slave ancestors, the site's organisers said.
It is hoped the Black History collection on www. will help people fill in gaps in their family histories.

Source: Via: tecnologia.terra


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