Saturday, May 5, 2007

Bodies, the Exhibition

To See is to Know
The study of human anatomy has always operated on a basic principle: to see is to know. This same principle led Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Islamic cultures to a progressively more scientific understanding of the human form. Public dissections during the Renaissance furthered this understanding, laying the foundation for our modern medical institutions and for this Exhibition.

Following this same principle- to see is to know—Bodies…The Exhibition uses dissected human specimens to provide you with a visual textbook to your own body.

The specimens in this Exhibition have been treated with the dignity and respect they so richly deserve.

Our bodies are indeed intricately more complex and wondrous than all the computers and gadgetry that surround us today. Yet many of us do not know what is beneath our skin – how our bodies function, what they need to survive, what destroys them, what revives them.

BODIES: THE EXHIBITION is an attempt to remedy this unfortunate set of circumstances. Take the knowledge gained from the Exhibition, expand on it and use it to become an informed participant in your own health care. This involves more than improving your diet or beginning a long overdue exercise program. It involves partnering with your doctor to understand what you – and your unique body – need to sustain a full and rewarding life.

The Process
1. A human specimen is temporarily preserved to stop decay.

2. The specimen is dissected to feature specific systems and structures.

3. The dissection is immersed in acetone to evacuate all body water.

4. Dehydrated, the specimen is placed in silicone polymer bath and sealed in a vacuum chamber.

5. Under vacuum, acetone leaves the body in gas form and is replaced by silicone polymer to the deepest cellular level.

6. The silicone polymer hardens in curing.

7. The permanently preserved specimen, with its structure intact, is ready for examination and study.

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