Thursday, September 13, 2007

Greenvoice, Green Network Site

Oil, CO2 emissions, ozone hole, air pollution, rising sea levels, polar ice caps all, food that get throw away, all of these scare me, why human beings don’t care about this issues. I think you know that Global Warming is one of the environmental challenges humanity has ever faced, we can already see in the weather, violent tornadoes, strong rains, high temperatures, well, as I said, this worry me and I think this should probably worry you too!
There are many simple things you can do in our daily life that can help the environment, like using recycled paper, taking shorter showers, buying minimally packaged goods, reducing garbage, unplugging un-used electronics devices, turn off your computer, and much, much more little things we can do.

I know there are some communities that are worried about saving our planet, normally, I search in the internet websites that talking about how to save our planet and recently I met the Greenvoice website, this website is excellent, is an online community for environmentally alert people, here people give ideas to protect the environment. This place is an opportunity for people shares their knowledge with other people, giving some tips that could save our planet. Here you can donate funds through this website to support campaigns that interest you. So, Greenvoice is for everyone that want save the planet Earth. Either way, you've got to check out this cool site and join to this wonderful community!


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