Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Picasa 2

Picasa is a free image editor, it automatically find out and organize all your pictures sorting them by date. Is very easy to use it and is possible to:
- Edit, easy to crop, remove red eye, fix the contrast and colour, and enhance your digital pictures.
- Share, Picasa automatically resizes and attaches pictures to email messages at sizes your friends will be able to open
- Print, automatically fits your pictures perfectly onto the expensive paper used by your home printer.
- Backup, Picasa makes it easy to protect your pictures by archiving them on a CD or DVD.
- Create, select your best shots, then adjust the delay time, dimensions, and video compression settings. That is it – Picasa will render a movie, complete with title graphics, that you can play and share.

So, if you are interested now in this program, you can download it from my sidebar on button: “Get photo software from Google”.

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