Saturday, October 6, 2007

The London Pass, Great Card

One of many things I love to do is traveling, to meet people, new cultures, visit monuments and different food. When I arrived to an “unknown” city, I liked to visit its most emblematic places, and of course I like too take photos of those places.
So, I’m thinking to go in the next Christmas holiday season to London. This city in Christmas time is very beautiful, said my friend Toni, he is working there as trader, and he is helping me plan my next trip to London.
He said me that, there is The London Pass, this pass gives me free entry to 56 of the best London Attractions, such as historic buildings, galleries, museums and places where I can eat and drink, sightseeing tours and transport discounts, this is great isn’t it?
I have to pay it once only for the London Pass, I have to choose how many days I want it, the days go from 1 to 6. Of course I will choose 6 days and want to visit everything. So, if you are planning to visit London and its best attractions, get this plastic card called “The London Pass” from here.


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