Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poster Forge v.1.01.02

Sometimes for school or even for our work we need to do slogans, posters, big plan formats or any information in graphics support. So, Poster Forge can do this, Poster Forge is a free program that can be used at any time and any place. Poster Forge offers several templates for making professional posters; now you can give life to your old photos. Poster Forge is the right tool for you if you are a creative person, only you have to do is put your imagination to work.
This program is very simple, very easy to use, you don’t need to have any knowledge of design or graphics, it has step by step wizards that can help you to make your own customized post very faster.

Free Download: Poster Forge 1.01.02 (2.60MB)

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