Monday, May 6, 2013

Pictures of the Google office in Zurich! Amazing!!

I read in a magazine three years ago an article about Google, the article was superb, I was fascinated with the pictures; I saw their offices, well, I saw a room with massage chairs, a spot seemed to be a little beach, with sand, a chair and a summer umbrella and a picture about their canteen, well, this is what I call an excellent quality of workspaces.
So, if you have curiosity to see Google offices after my words, well, you have an amazing opportunity to see the Google office in Zurich, it’s very impressive!

Click here to check out more 59 pictures of the Google office in Zurich!


a.i. editor said...

Hi, NT

How are things?

Yeah, Google's offices always looks fun & good don't they?


VF said...

Hello Abas!
Everything OK!

Yes, what a cool place to work!

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