Sunday, June 21, 2009

Awesome and dangerous trail - El Camino del Rey

This surprising and original video is very interesting, it show us a place located in Málaga in south of Spain, this place is called "El Chorro" a dangerous mountain where is a trail called "El Camino del Rey" or "The King’s Path". This trail is well known by many climbers, this place offers some fantastic multi-pitch rock climbing with its own exceptional and frightening atmosphere.
In the year 1921, Alfonso XIII opened three water reservoirs which are flanked by pine forests. "El Camino del Rey" was built in a side of a mountain, the path has 3Km and some places have 1m in width; and is 400m above the river. However official access to this path was forbidden in 2000 after four tourists died trying to cross it.
Watch this video, if you're scared of heights, this video will make your head spin, it shows the real path with all dangers, after some minutes you are watching it, seems you are there, in first person. Check it out!

Thanks Marta!
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