Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Nissan Leaf electric car, this is the future!

I’m very enthusiastic about the future of cars, well, more specifically about electric cars. Electric cars will be the future and they will be a huge potential in the big market that is the automobile world. August 2, Nissan has introduced its new electric vehicle called Nissan Leaf. According Nissan, they have a new and dedicated platform for electric vehicles with high quality chassis. The new electric engine gives to the vehicle 80 kW/280 Nm, which runs 160 km (100 miles) range and according Nissan meets the needs of 80% of the world's drivers. Well, for me it’s perfect! The interior of this new electric car is very attractive, the digital instrument board or drive controller looks very high-tech and well finished. Well, if you are interested about this electric car, click on the link below to jump to the new Nissan Zero Emission Website. Check this out, this is the future and perhaps...oil death!

Website: nissan-zeroemission

Thanks Peter!


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