Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Awesome - George, The World's Tallest Dog

As you know, (or perhaps don't) I have a strong passion for dogs and love spending time with them. I have two dogs of my own, and enjoy the companionship and bonds a dog offers. If someone cares, I’d like to share this amazing information that caught my attention early this morning with my fellow readers. George is "small" giant Danish breed dog , which measures 2.1 meters from nose to tail and is one of the strongest contenders for the biggest dog in the world by Guinness World Records. The current holder of the title, Gibson, of the same race, died of cancer last August.
Now the owners of George, David and Christine Nasser, awaiting confirmation from Guinness, in the category of biggest dog in the world. David says that George consumes 50 kg of food every month and sleeps alone in his huge bed. David and Christine made George from their 7 weeks of life, but never expected that this would become so big. For this reason, they had to change it to a huge bed, since he no longer fit in their bed, where he slept until then.

Dr. William Wallace, Buena Pet Clinic in Tucson, U.S., who reviewed the documentation for the Guinness, said: "In 45 years of experience working with giant dogs, George is undoubtedly the greatest dog that already saw.

David, the owner, is now to speed the process of acquiring the record, because other dog owners giants also seek to acquire the same record. While waiting for the results, the dog-star George deals with his new legion of fans in your Facebook page and Twitter account. Today, there is no escape from this social projection.


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