Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hydrogen vehicle - Honda FCX Clarity

Honda FCX Clarity, the world's first dedicated platform hydrogen vehicle, it's the zero-emission vehicle of the future. This is the future my friends! FCX Clarity is the name of the new model of Honda that launches to a new level of access to latest technological innovations in the automotive industry. We used to see this Japanese brand to assume postures of courage and daring against the market. This time Honda launches the car completely powered by hydrogen to convince the most skeptical about this new technology. The Honda has been at a marked car on the market as a pioneer in implementing the latest technological innovations of the automotive industry.

After the first brand in the world to put into motion a program of experimental fuel cells for cars, the Honda back to pioneer the market place in a batch of such vehicles to customers’ normal ‘, that can use the form that best fit in your day-to-day. The name of the car FCX Clarity is a model launched in the Hall of Los Angeles last year, and can already be seen on the streets of California and soon in the world, so it is expected.With Clarity, the Honda goes further, although not, yet, a car sold in the traditional manner, and available anywhere, some customers of Southern California can access the same via a leasing plan, which is expected to budget at $ 600 per month (around 413 euros) for three years, including this money now to maintain and secure. Despite all the innovation that has, apparently, the FCX Clarity is a conventional car, at least to the standards prevailing in the market where it is marketed, and in view of its origin. Instead of opinion out of a science fiction movie, but displays lines perfectly normal, much of Eastern inspiration, but fully present, and a setting of normal saloon of three volumes and four doors.

With 4835 mm long, 1845 mm wide, 1470 mm tall and 2800 mm wheelbase is perfectly matched with what is the medium saloon segment of the North American market. The interior is based on the same basis of ‘normality’. Enough room for four occupants, boasts a decor perfectly normal, despite the innovation has been extended to the carrier. This is because the coatings of fabrics used are made from fermented corn and other biomass. That is, based on inexhaustible sources and even your manufacturing process emits much less CO2 than conventional tissue. Only drawback is the trunk, with 314 liters capacity, a result of the filing of H2 is placed behind the rear seat. In times of gas prices uncertain this car can drive us to a new kind of spirit environmental. Well, perhaps some day I will buy one!


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