Sunday, April 25, 2010

The perfect place to find a mover

Today I bring a different post, perhaps it could be very helpful to you someday.
A friend of mine has got a new job and his thinking to move out to another city, this new job pays enough that he could afford an apartment. He is a lucky man, believe me, he is a trader, so, as you can see, he is a privileged man.
Because I’m always surfing over the internet, and he knows that, so, he requested me to find over the internet a mover company to pick up his goods in New York. So, I started to search for a reputable moving website and after found thousands of New York movers and a lot of searches I hit to a website that caught my attention, (well, I think you are now curious to know what website is, right?), I’m talking about, this a New York movers, this is a reverse-auction moving website which provides you with an easy way and with few steps to find movers and get the best deal for your needs. And how it works? Is very simple, you only have to post your move job by registering all goods you want to move, therefore all movers will compete for it by bidding, so, after their competition (it takes more or less 15 minutes) you will have a list of movers, you only have to select the mover you want getting the best prices.
Oh, you don’t have to pay for posting a job, it’s free! You are free to delete your job or changing any details at any time. As you can see, through this website you can save time and of course a lot of money choosing your desired mover. Check this out right now if you are thinking to move to another city!


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