Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Screen Recording Software - CamStudio

There are thousand of videos tutorials on YouTube platform made from users around the world. Those videos are helpful for teaching research and technology skills, well, projects that have multiple step directions.
But there are many people who would like to create their own video tutorials but they don’t know how to do that. So, there is an application called CamStudio 2.0 (available for Windows XP/Vista/98/2000/2003/7) which allows to record anything you see on your PC screen, is a solution for quickly creating video tutorials of your PC desktop activity. It will record in AVI format, allowing you to edit the video with Windows Movie Maker. You can download and use it completely free, is completely 100% free for your personal and commercial projects. Check this out!

Free Download: CamStudio 2.0 (1.30MB)


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