Monday, September 13, 2010

Fluid 0.9.6 – Web on your Mac desktop

Nowadays Internet is an important tool, each more we use more tools over the internet which can replace the traditional applications we have on desktop, (Gmail instead of Mail, Outlook, Google Docs instead of iWork or Microsoft Office. So, why not transform these tools on the web platform as applications? So, today I bring an interesting application called Fluid. The main goal of this application is to convert your favorite websites into Mac desktop applications. How it works? Enter the website's URL, provide a name, and optionally choose an icon. Click "Create", and within seconds your chosen website has been converted into a fully native Mac desktop application that appears in your Dock. Check this out!

OS: Mac OS X 10.5+
Free Software: Fluid 0.9.6 (3.7 MB)


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