Sunday, October 10, 2010

Autumn is here - The Miracle of Fall

Finally autumn is here! This is that time of year when the leaves turn golden and red fall to the ground in many places. So, I have been looking for autumn pictures over the internet, but I hit to a website that…well, I had to share it with you! I’m talking about "The Miracle of Fall" from website. This website speaks about how the leaves change color in the fall. The navigation on this website is very simple, you only have to select one of the categories you want to read and then you will be surprised! You will learn all about why leaves change color, you have an excellent animation of how it happen, you have Foliage Updates, games, you can learn all about the trees that have foliage that changes color in the fall, a section for teachers called Fall Education, a listing of cams from all over the place that are set to capture the color changing of leaves and much more! This site is also very addicting, so beware! Well, have fun exploring!

Website: The Miracle of Fall


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