Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your desired Alt+Tab window panel

Windows customization could take some hours to be perfect, there are a lot Window’s areas that deserve a little customization and for that we have to use some external tools, because Windows doesn’t have them. So, today I bring one of those external tools, the Alt+Tab Tuner! This tool gives us the liberty to setup our Windows to our taste. As you can switch between all open windows if you press the keyboard combination Alt+Tab and keep holding Alt down. To switch between windows, you simply would press Tab to switch to the next window in line, or Shift-Tab to go backwards. So, if you want to change the layout of Alt+Tab window, Alt-Tab Tuner can do that, it offers controls to change the layout and design of the Alt-Tab. You can do all changes through a simple interface window. Check this out!

Free Download: Alt+Tab Tuner (201.86KB)



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