Sunday, November 28, 2010

A fantastic music player for Linux - Foobnix

Foobnix is a fantastic music player for Linux! For those who know the foobar2000 for windows, for sure you will know the similarity of these two players, Foobar and Foobnix. I think Foobnix would be an important music player for Linux world and who knows for Mac and Windows operating system. Foobnix is a basic player written in GTK which can organize the music found in the selected directories in a tree structure, it can organize the music collection. It can also stream music from a search or radio stream. You can also tick a box and it will save your streaming search to mp3 files which are saved in your music folder! Check this out!

Free Download: foobnix_0.2.2-6.tar.gz (284KB)

Website: Foobnix


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