Sunday, November 28, 2010

Opera 11 beta - tabs stacking, mouse gestures, extensions and much more

Opera 11 has a new features, this excellent browser has some useful features like Tab Stacking, extensions with API, mouse gestures and other great options. As you know Opera was a tabbed browser windows pioneer, Opera has introduced limited tabs support with Opera 4 in 2005, and tabs reach a new degree of sophistication with Opera 11's new tab-stacking feature that lets you keep clusters of web pages organized in groups. Tab stacking reduces clutter and makes it easier to identify and work with sets of open tabs, but there is more! Tab stacking facilitates keeping dozens of web pages open, organized and under control. Mouse over the stack, hover, and it will display pop-down thumbnail images of all the pages in your stack, from which you can select the one you want brought forward by clicking on it. This is great! With this browser you have it, well organized, cleaning and functional! Check this out!

Free Download::Opera 11 beta (6,82MB)

Website: Opera


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