Saturday, November 20, 2010

TeamViewer 6 Beta (Windows)

Nowadays is possible to request a friend a help to solve a problem on a computer remotely. From anyplace and anytime we can have access to any server and solve its problems or to initiate its maintenance. Teamviewer was the first application to use this remote technology, now with its new version 6, the range of its tools is bigger. I think TeamViewer is the best remote control application for Windows PCs at the moment. If you use TeamViewer 5 or previous, you'll see the look and the interface is different. Teamviewer doesn't need to be installed.
Let’s see some its features:

- Custom QuickSupport is a feature that lets you connect to existing customers much more quickly, without getting their ID and password newly every time.

- QuickJoin is a new feature that lets you send the session data to participants beforehand. This is great for presentations – the participants connect to your computer, and not vice versa. You no longer need to enter the data for each of the participants manually.

- Reconnection after reboot makes sure TeamViewer will re-establish the connection even after the remote computer went down and came back up.

Check this out!

Free Download:
TeamViewer 6 Beta (3.3MB)

Website: TeamViewer


Inga, TeamViewer said...

Thanks for your post about our new version TeamViewer 6. We really like it! We hope we can faciliate your "supporter"-life a little bit with our remote control software.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
TeamViewer Germany

PS: For more information about TeamViewer please check out:

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