Sunday, November 28, 2010

TopWinPrio – make your active application as priority one

If you want to give priority execution to some program on your system is a very difficult task to do it, but with TopWinPrio you can solve this problem! TopWinPrio is a freeware application to switch application CPU priority on active and inactive state. You can do it manually setting the priority level on process status. TopWinPrio is always checking and then to see what window is active at the moment. When it finds the one, it gives it higher priority to the process and than the usual normal priority. Once this window loses focus, topWinPrio gives the window its standard status back.
You can change some basic settings according to your needs. The time interval after which the application refreshes itself for processes can be predefined. You can also assign the priority of active and inactive applications. It is strongly recommended to keep the priority for active as it is because changing it to High may result in system freeze at times when there are many applications running.
You can choose one of the two options available, you can set up on your PC or you can use the portable version, you can copy it to your flash drive and run it in any computer.
Check it out!

Free Download:
TopWinPrio (2.24MB)
TopWinPrio Portable (1.03MB)

Website: TopWinPrio


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