Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turn your photos into beautiful paintings...- Foto Sketcher 1.95

The digital photos brought to all users an easy way to shot a scene, now photographers don’t care about the shot if it was bad or good. Because nowadays we can find free applications that can help people to convert digital photos into art. For example, Foto Sketcher is a free application which lets you create images that really look as if they have been hand-drawn by famous artists.
If you want to convert a photo at home, a portrait or any other digital image into a black and white pencil drawing, this is the program is perfect for that! You can choose one of the six different styles: pencil, oil… and each style can be configured, so you can obtain the results you want. Check this out!

Free Download: Foto Sketcher 1.95 (5.92MB)

Website: Foto Sketcher


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