Friday, August 12, 2011

Gentoo Linux 11.2 LiveDVD

As you know Linux operating system has multiple distributions, such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Mint, Arch.... In the world of Linux you are free to change or modify Linux as you want, as long as you provide the technical differences back to the community that gave you the ability to use Linux in the first place. Today I bring another version of Linux, called Gentoo Linux 11.2 LiveDVD. On this version is present Mozilla Firefox 5.0, Chrome 13, Pidgin 2.9.0 Media Player Amarok 2.4., Thunderbird 5, 3 and KDevelop 4.2.3. Check this out!
Curiosity: The Gentoo penguin, is an Antarctic penguin species, Gentoo penguins are small birds standing about 80 cm tall; The Gentoo is the fastest swimming of all penguin species reaching speeds of up to 36 kph as well as one of the rarest

Free Download:GNU
gentoo x86 (2,6GB)
amd64 (2,8 GB)

Website: gentoo


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