Sunday, September 18, 2011

Create folders into virtual drives

Perhaps you don’t know but you can convert any folder into a drive!
Yes, you can do that! If you use a particular folder many times and you want to access to it quickly, you ony have to type in command prompt the letter of the drive, once you open the drive, you can access to all contents of the folder.
Use the DOS command SUBST to create your desired folder into a virtual drive.
So, how you can do it? Is very easy!

- Press Windows Key+ R to open the "Run" dialogue box
- Type "cmd" and hit enter.

Now in the Command Prompt type the following command:

Now the virtual drive you have created will appear in the My Computer window. The appearance of that drive will same as the other drives. You can now access the files under the folder directly from the drive in "My Computer" window.

If you want to delete the virtual drive then just type the following command in the "Command Prompt"

Oh, there is a little problem, the virtual drive you have created will be disappeared after restarting your computer!


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