Sunday, September 18, 2011

Optical illusions - learn how your brain and vision works

Visual illusions or optical illusions are images perceived in a manner that differs from objective reality, is a way to trick our senses, our brain start to see things that in a reality they are not there, is incredible! So, what do you think to start or to explore the world of visual illusions? Today I bring a website called Mind Lab, this website shows you 4 sessions about visual illusions:

- Illusion of an Uninterrupted World, in this section you will find out how to test your eyes and what they perceive.
- Constructing a 3-D World from 2-D images, in this section you will discover how your brain interprets the world and how visual illusions works because of these segments.
- Visual Interpretation of the Physical World, this section is about how colors works and how things can be different in shapes and sizes.
- Perception Beyond Sensory Input, in this section you explore illusions shapes and moving figures, is very fun!

This website is very interesting, you will learn how your brain and vision works simultaneously, awesome! Check this out!

Website: Mind Lab


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