Sunday, September 11, 2011

PortScan & Stuff - Know more about your network

Knowing who are using our network is the right way to keep our network safety and without strangers, this is a method to protect you from other users that are looking to gain access to your personal information. As you know in our network environment, security is a large issue; for example if you are using wireless network is very complicated to know who is and what they are doing in your wireless network, a user with a wireless card could supposedly make up an IP address in the proper subnet, and achieve full network access without us knowing who is using that IP address. So, one tool that you can use to scan and identify who is in your wireless network is PortScan & Stuff! This free application find all active devices on your network and it can find out the ip address and available services for each network device. Check this out!

Free Download: PortScan & Stuff 1.19 (228KB)

Website: PortScan & Stuff


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