Sunday, October 30, 2011

Visions of Earth - fantastic photos

If you're a photography lover, certainly you going to like to visit the Visions of Earth! Well, what is that? Visions of Earth is a beautiful section of the National Geographic website, on this section you can see amazing photos from over the world, every month this section has new photos! The navigation is easy through this website, the photos are shown as slide show, you only have to use the arrows left or right direction; or you can choose the thumbnails option to navigate through them. If you want to go to another set of photos you can click on ►| button; The pictures for this option go all the way back to January 2011.If you would like to back in time to see the Visions of the Earth galleries you only have to select the year you’d like to see, the gallery goes to the year 2006. So, browse though this National Geographic section gallery and be inspired, get involved!

Website: Visions of Earth - National Geographic


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