Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pinta 1.1 - open source raster image editor

Jonathan Pobst is an open source programmer of Novell, he has developed a simple image editing application called Pinta, this free application has some similarity with Paint.NET. Pinta was developed to be an alternative to Pain.NET and GIMP.
This application has useful tools, such as a paintbrush, pencil, eraser, selections, and unlimited levels of Undo/Redo, multiple layers, image adjustments, straight-line and geometric primitives (ellipse, rectangle, and rounded rectangle), effects, such as invert, sepia, black and white and Auto level. Pinta requires is available to download for Mac OS X, openSUSE and Ubuntu. Pinta runs in Windows but requires Gtk# and Mono for Windows. Check it out!

GNU: Pinta 1.1 Packages

Website: Pinta


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