Sunday, December 4, 2011

Record Audio, Transcribe and Email Meeting Minutes from your conferences or meetings

When we have meeting or conference groups sometimes we desire to save the conversation (when is allowed) to be possible later transcribing it to text file or let our notes for each subject matter, because “occasionally” we can’t remember some subjects spoken there. So, to solve this problem there is a free application called SaveMeeting which can help us to save those important meeting or conference themes. SaveMeeting is a free application very helpful, you only have to use a Smartphone with iOS or Android then you only have to record the audio from the meeting. It records and transcribes your meetings safely; this meeting recorder saves audio, converts speeches to text file. There is more, is possible to send the audio recording, transcription and other details of the meeting on cloud, from there is possible to put all text or audio file and make it available to everyone (that we want)! The free version only allows 1000 minutes of audio record and 7 minutes of transcription sound. Check this out!

Free Software: SaveMeeting 1.0.12 (iOS 4.3+/Android)

Website: SaveMeeting


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