Sunday, January 22, 2012

Free online service for storing your files - Hopper

Nowadays is easy to find free services over the internet for storing files and share them with our friends across computers with a simple hyperlink. This is an easy way to share files without using applications. Hopper is a recently service to store files, like texts, images and files. A main goal is the simplicity and elegance of its interface, could be used in several ways, it works like a clipboard manager, you only have to copy/paste or drag and drop files directly into the web service. Once your files are online, you can share them to your friends with a simple hyperlink. Is not necessary to create a username to start storing your files, but if you do it, you can manage your files better there. All contents you put there can be displayed inside of your browser. It has also some security parameters, for example, if the files are access to the public or not. Check this out!

Website: Hopper


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