Monday, March 19, 2012

Free community-based traffic and navigation app

No one wants to get stuck in a traffic jam, people are always looking for solutions to avoid getting caught in a traffic jam, so, there some helpful ways to avoid traffic jam and Waze could be a great solution for that! So, Waze is a free social mobile application for smart phones, such as Android, Symbian, iPhone, Blackberry and other platforms; this free application helps you to know what is happening in real-time traffic updates and with this you can avoid traffic jam all the time. To understand better this tool I suggest that you visit to the website clicking the Guided Tour section, the tutorial explains how this tool works, how safety is while you are driving, how it collects all the data and what you can do for Waze to be more accurate. 

Free Download: iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, other devices



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