Sunday, April 1, 2012

CD Manipulator - Free burning tool

Most of burn tool suits of CD and DVD are so much complex, they have a plenty options and many of them are not used by the users, well, users only want to put all data on CD or DVD and that’s all. So, the best tool to burn CD is using the CD Manipulator! This free and simple tool allow to the user to have a basic software to burn Cds. With an intuitive interface, the user only have to choose the desired option and follow all the steps that are shown in the screen. With this free tool you can copy CDs, images from Cds, CD to image file, read tracks from CD, master CD and image file, duplicate Cds, you can choose between single-session, multi-session modes and much more! This tool is almost perfect, CD Manipulator can’t burn DVDs, yes! But if your choice is only to burn Cds, so, this is the right tool, is very simple to use! Check this out!

Free Download: CD Manipulator 2.70 (534KB)

Website: CD Manipulator


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