Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free hard disk tool - CheckDiskGUI 1.1.4

Windows has a lot of hidden programs and tools which not everyone knows and most of them are very useful. The reason of that tools be hidden is because belong to the operating system and run in DOS, without any graphic interface, not providing any graphical assistance to users about the tasks going on
So there is a little and free application which can help users to maintain storage disk healthy and to bring all information from DOS window to them, that tool is called CheckDiskGUI.
You only need to run the portable application and all comes easy to use. In CheckDiskGUI interface is shown a list of hard disks; you only have to choose the hard disk you want and push a button for the desired function. There are three modes in which it can work, they are Read Only mode which is only used to scan for errors, Fix and Recover mode can be used to recover data from the damaged sectors.
CheckDiskGUI portability is very helpful, so give to your hard disk reason to live without worries. Check this out! 

Free Download: CheckDiskGUI 1.1.4 (1.05MB)

Website: CheckDiskGUI


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