Sunday, April 1, 2012

Free instant screen sharing with One-Click, without any signup!

You know there are plenty of free applications or web services that allow you to share your desktop with other users, but there is one new screen sharing service can do that even further. With Screenleap you don’t need downloading and installing anything or without signing up for an account, the best of this, is all for free! In the reality you will need on your system to run Screenleap is the Java Runtime Environment, which most computers already have. To use the Screenleap you only need to go to the webpage and pushing the “Share your screen now” button, then the Java Runtime Environment will open, after that you will get a link and a code, you only to choose one of them, if you chose the link, you only have to copy that and paste in your email and share with your users, if you prefer the code number, you only have to tell to your users to go to the screen website and enter the code there. With this is possible to share you desktop in any operating system, such as Windows, Linux and Mac or even Android or Ios. Well, sharing your desktop is very simple! Check this out!

Website: Screenleap


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