Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Opener application

For sure you have received some unknown data files, because they are unknown files, the first thing that crosses your mind is to find an application that could open that format. Sometimes the search on the internet for the right application to open it, could be a night mare, you can find hundred of programs that could open it, but you don’t know how is truthful to install that specific application on your computer that you have found. So, for that problem that’s where Free Opener comes in; the Free Opener, this is a free application which can open a large variety of files without any stress. Free Opener could be a pdf viewer, a music player or video, (without codec’s precision), an image viewer, Ofiice suite and more! It comes with basic tools, for example to listing music, watching videos and typing documents (accepts Office format). Free Opener is an excellent application, but is missing on it uncompress resources. Check this out! 

Free Download: :Free Opener (1.60MB), (53.9MB after installation)

Website: Free Opener


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