Saturday, May 26, 2012

EraserDrop 2.1.1 - Erasing your data from your hard drive permanently

As you know deleting files doesn’t remove them permanently from your computer, if you have personal or even business data on your computer and you want delete them permanently the Delete function is not enough to remove them form the hard drive. we need to make sure that the files we delete are really gone forever. Formatting a hard drive is a bit more secure, however, this also does not erase the data on the disk, only the address tables. So, there are quite a few tools out there that get the job done and EraserDrop is one of them! This is a free application which can help you to shred you data forever! EraserDrop, runs a shell icon on your desktop and allows you to delete files and folders just by dragging them over it. This free tool is incredibly, simple to use and it's portable. You can have it on a flash drive and take it anywhere you want to use a computer without leaving a trace. The application runs on Windows 2K/ XP/ Vista/ 7Check this out!

Free Download: EraserDrop 2.1.1 (1.59MB)

Website: EraserDrop


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