Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monitoring you hard disk - CrystalDiskInfo 4.6.2 - Free tool

The hard disk is an important component in the computer, first is the component that is able to storage all your data, but this also a piece that suffer with the temperature inside of the computer. The different sources of heat coming from inside of the computer could damage the HD. If you hear noises coming from your computer or your system turned off abruptly, well, is too much heat inside of it. So, to check the heat inside of your computer, you can use a free application called CrystalDiskInfo. This little tool is able to analyze permanently the HD, displaying precious data about temperature, performance and technical values. CrystalDiskInfo supports S.M.A.R.T. This is a useful tool, helps you detect and prevent future errors on the disk surface. Check this out!

Free Download:
CrystalDiskInfo 4.6.2 (1.4MB)
CrystalDiskInfo 4.6.2 Portable (1.2MB)

Website: Crystal


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