Sunday, June 17, 2012

GO Contacts EX - New transition animations - Android

As you now the open source Android operating system is very customizable, is very flexible and currently available on a wide variety of smartphones. Android also offers a comprehensive screens, some Android phones have three, others have five and even seven screens that you can customize to your liking, so, Android operating system allows you to change it to your taste, for example GO Dev team has developed new features on GO Contacts EX, they have based in the same lines as its precursor, but with more transition animations, more interactive for the users. These are the new features of GO Contacts EX:
- Quick find: by any letter, name, company, keyword.
- Group contacts: Drag&group; batch SMS or email by one-key press.
- Merge duplicated identified by name,phone number or by email address.
- Smart dialing: Only remember fraction of contact’s number or name? No problem, just press keys, it will give the matches.
- Speed dial:press on keys call someone.
- IP Dial:Chinese area IP dial supported.
- Theme supported: Dark (included) and Spring, Ice Blue (download separately)
- Backup / restore: Save contacts to or restore them from SD card, safe and secure.

Take a peek at new the features!

Free Download: Go Contacs EX (2.8 MB) - Operativos: Android 2.1 +


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