Friday, July 13, 2012

Simple Weather Alert - Free app for Android

Many thunderstorms, flash floods or a tornado can appear where you least expect it, but nowadays with a Smartphone you can be warned before a thunderstorm or a tornado occurs. There is a free application for Android Smartphone’s called Simple Weather Alert which provides you in a near real time warnings flash flood, thunderstorms, high winds, tornados and more from the National Weather Service alerts, as you can see this app can be very helpful for you. To start using this application the first thing you have to do is add a location, (on this free version only one location can be added), you can always change you location for another one. You can also choose how urgent of a notification to get, based on the National Weather Service Severity. You can explore more this app, it has a lot of notifications to setup for your needs.
At the moment the Simple Weather Alert app is available for Android only! So, check this out and don't be surprised by the weather anymore.

Free Download: Simple Weather Alert (Android)
Users Manual: here


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