Thursday, August 2, 2012

Game Downloader - FREE Games!!!

Are you tired playing the same games? What do you think if you have a huge source of free games? Well, recently I found the Game Downloader, this is a place where you find more than 200 games for free to download. The portable application displays a listing of popular free games in a range of categories that can be downloaded directly from the application to your PC. There you have board games, Arcade games, puzzles, strategy, games first person shooters, sports games and much more! Pick a game then you have a small description of it, an image, a warning if it supports or not several players at same time. The main goal of this free application is that you can choose your game, then… you only have to press the button “Download Game”, it makes the download process more comfortable! Is very easy to use! Check this out and have fun playing your favorite games!

Free Download: Game Downloader 3.1 (754KB)

Website: devfire


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