Sunday, September 23, 2012

Free Junk Cleaner - System Ninja 2.3.6

During years our computer system can be filled with junk files strangling the computer performance. So, to keep the computer system cleaned is necessary to use a right tool, is not recommended to use several tools to clean the system, you only to get one, and one of those cleaner tools available over the internet is called System Ninja! This free application helps you managing and cleaning up forgotten files such as temporary files, browser histories and lost files that are stored in forgotten directories. The System Ninja interface is very interactive and simple, giving you access to Junk Scanner, System Tools and PC Analysis buttons. After a scan result you can always delete or ignore the files. The Process Manager and Startup Manager tools can help your system running up and shut down more quickly and run faster, but use it with care! Check it out and keep you computer system cleaned and healthy!

Free Download: System Ninja 2.3.6 (2.3MB)
Portable version: System Ninja (2.1MB)

Website: singularlabs


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