Thursday, September 6, 2012

Perfect level sound with Sound Lock

When watching DVD movies and web videos on your computer in a quite night for sure you want that your system volume should be comfortably to hear the dialogs, beautiful moments with love, but sometimes that precise moment with action scenes could be irritating, well, mainly when you don’t want disturb your parents or your neighbor.
So, for that you need to control your system volume down manually, but to help you to solve this problem, there is the Sound Lock. This is a free and intelligent application to set your system volume to a level desired by you! Activating the Sound Lock, you don’t need adjusting the system volume of your movie, games or music, the Sound Lock can do it automatically per channel (up to 14 channels) and generating a sound output very soft giving an harmonization of the sound. Check this out!

Free Download: Sound Lock 1.3.1



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