Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scan your network - Fing

Smartphone’s that we use have incredible capacities and sometimes we don’t use all abilities they have. Some capacities could be excellent tools for our work; for example, if you want manage your network, you can use your smartphone to analyze all clients that are connected to a specific network! So, the right tool for that is a free application called Fing! With this tool you can know a little bit more about those devices that are connected to your network. Well, the main feature of Fing is scanning and discovering all the devices on the same network that it's running on, through Fing you can find IP and MAC addresses, SSID, device vendors, ISP location and the geographic location of the router. Fing runs all Android smartphones and Tablets (Version 2.2 minimum)! Check this out is an excellent tool for network administrators!

Free Download:


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