Monday, October 8, 2012

Free disk manager - DiskBoss v2.9.18

DiskBoss is a great free toolkit for hard disk management, such as hard disk space, classifying and categorizing files (e.g. executables, multimedia, documents and more) and find duplicate files removing them to speed up your disk access. This is all in one, it helps you to understand better the hard disk allowing a better optimization of it. This tool gives also a great resource for synchronization files, and migrating data can also be done in the application’s interface. For example if you hard disk doesn’t have enough space, this tool show you which folders are consuming more space, with this task you have an idea where to start your cleaning. DiskBoss is probably a potent tool for understanding your hard disk drive and where your storage is going! Check this out!

Free Download:
DiskBoss v2.9.18
DiskBoss v2.9.18 x64

Website: diskboss


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