Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Phrozen Safe USB 1.0 - USB Security

Security is one of the most important issues nowadays and we must follow all securities rules very restrictive. Any connection outside, physical or virtual we must have attention; we could receive malware, virus and outside attacks. In fact everyone of us has a pen drive or an external hard drive for storing data and connecting one of them in infected computer, could accumulate a ware or virus that we are unaware. So there is a free application called Phrozen Safe USB which can help us to prevent virus or malware infection. With this free application we can restrict or even deactivate access to pen drive or external drives to the computer, avoiding problems and virus or malware infection on the computer. This application has also a high level of protection; it doesn’t allow any connection of any pen drive or other external device on the computer. So, start using Phrozen Safe USB to have more control when pen drives are plugged into your system. Check this out! 

Free Download: Phrozen Safe USB 1.0 (822KB)

Website: Phrozen Safe USB


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