Sunday, December 1, 2013

WizTree 1.07 - Check out your hard disk space

Today's hard disks have a lot more space than ones few years ago, and of course the most desirable computer hard drive is to have enough space for storing all kind of data! But there is a little problem, with a big hard drive, some data could be hidden from your eyes! So, for this problem, there is a free application which can help you to find which folders and files are taken more space in your hard disk, and that application is called WizTree! Of course in the market you can find similar products, but this one is unique, because it can locate the big folders and files in a few seconds. Working with this free tool is very simple, the user only has to choose the drive to check. WizTree just accesses the drive's MFT (Master File Table, the NTFS index of everything the drive contains), and that means it's able to display a report in seconds, (depends of your hard disk space). WizTree has another feature, it shows you the “Top 1000 Largest Files”, in a single list. Showing basic details as size and last modified date, you are free to delete the files that you don’t want. Check this out! 

Free Download:
WizTree 1.07 
WizTree 1.07 Portable

Website: Antibody Software


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