Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free manager password tool - LastPass V2.0.0

Today is important to store our sensitive information/passwords in a secure place, where it’s protected by a single master password, so, there is a free tool called LastPass which can do it and more! With LastPass you only have to memorize one password, instead of dozens of difficult passwords! This is compatible with well-know browsers of Windows, Linux and Mac; it stores your login information for specific websites and automatically fills in the fields with the saved credentials once you revisit the webpage. LastPass it will also let you password protect other sensitive information, such as email addresses, social security number, credit card numbers and other kind of sensitive information you may need to save in this free application. There is another great feature that LastPass has to offer, you can setting a time to automatically log out. Check this out

Free Download: LastPass V2.0.0

Website: LastPass


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